Billy Goat, self propelled slasher


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The BC26HHEU has a 26 in wide deck with higher tip speed for improved speed and cut quality. The Tuff Torq™ hydrostatic transmission with fully automatic Enhanced Traction Control (ETC) offers superior traction on uneven terrain and handles slopes up to 20-degrees. The pivoting brush deck hugs the ground for a better cut, minimizing scalping and the cut height is adjustable from 1.77 in to 3.74 in.

Ergonomically-angled plow-style handles with padded grips provide comfort and protection. And direct from-the-handle forward and reverse lever, the user can operate the motion of the machine with ease.


Billy Goat 1 image

Billy Goat 1

Tuff Torq Hydrostatic Transaxle With Enhanced Traction Control is fully automatic, sensing when the rear wheel starts to spin, locking the wheel and giving it positive traction. Provides superior traction in wet or uneven conditions and eliminates loss of forward motion.

Billy Goat 2 image

Billy Goat 2

Pivoting Deck 12 degree pivoting deck with proprietary return to neutral is engineered to glide over uneven terrain 26 in wide deck with higher tip speed for improved speed and cut quality

Billy Goat 3 image

Billy Goat 3

Heavy-Duty Blade Spindle Is reinforced on four sides to tackle any brush job. A powerful and proven design for rugged applications and demanding use

Billy Goat 4 image

Billy Goat 4

Lockable Greasable Caster Wheels Allows the unit more mobility when being turned. Lock the caster wheels to help hold hillsides 8 in.

Billy Goat 5 image

Billy Goat 5

Adjustable Height Control Allows you to cut from 1.77 in to 3.74

Billy Goat 6 image

Billy Goat 6

Intuitive Drive Controls & Handles with Padded Grips Best in class control package allows the user to feather in forward and reverse directly from the handles - no shifting required.

Billy Goat 7 image

Billy Goat 7

Wider Tractor Tires For better grabbing and pulling power.

Billy Goat 8 image

Billy Goat 8

Rubberized Front Debris Deflector