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Syncro-steer Technology® - Unbeatable manoeuvrability and unmatched climbing ability. Our unique Zero-Turn riders with a traditional steering wheel provide you with the amazing manoeuvrability of a conventional Zero-Turn but with full control of the front wheels.

Model Number:MT17BRCBDS330
Engine Type:22 HP Kohler® 7000 Series V-Twin OHV
Drive System :Dual Hydro-Gear™ EZT 2200
Chassis:Heavy-duty 12-gauge one-piece, full-length steel frame
Front Axle:Heavy-duty fabricated steel
PTO Clutch:Electronic fingertip engagement
Mowing Deck:107cm/42”
Blades:Twin-blade(high lift)
Mulch Kit :Standard
Turning Radius:Zero turn with 4 wheel steering